This is another creative and playful way to wear long. The women’s long hair with loopy updo and flower decoration comprises of a neatly tied bun with loops and curls as well as flower decoration to enhance the style. Here is how you can replicate it. • Neatly comb to the back. • Tie in a high ponytail using an elastic band. • Make several sections and make some curls using a curling wand. • One by one fix the curls so that they form a bun on the crown area. Allow some curled locks to fall naturally down on the head. • Finish the look by sticking a flower on the side of the bun. This style is truly soft and sweet, as it provides a solid and strong pony, with large, effeminate curls all around. With the proper makeup and accessories, you can make this hairstyle party ready, whether a black tie event or a night out with the girls. This hairstyle is easy to achieve, as it is simply an offset pony with large curls, add a few bobby pins and hairspray, and you are ready to walk out the door in style.

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