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Keep your long hair in check by wearing this long party design with messy up do. This kind of style features a hair kept in a messy up do that would still make the wearer look presentable and approachable. If you want to follow this here is what you need to do. • Comb to prepare it for styling. • Comb to the back and tie in a high ponytail. • Twist in a bun, but leave a considerable length for styling into a messy up do. • With the remaining loose hair you left from the bun, tease it or apply some and scrunch. Although this updo is not for everyone, any woman who is looking for style, chic and the wow factor, this rat's nest of a hairdo is the most effeminate yet sexually exciting hairstyle available. This truly provides that "just got out of bed" look, perfect for a night on the town, or a first date. With some stringy curls, it is truly a mussed yet sensual look for the strongest of women to wear.

Quillion - 04/09/2013 08:30:37
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I love this, will definitely be trying it out soon :D
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