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This long hair in a sexy up do is a real brave and appealing up do among the rest. This hairdo displays loops and curls fixed on one side of the head very neatly and sleekly. This may prove to be quite a challenge, but with enough practice you will be able to don it on any formal event. Here is how: • Tie up in a tight ponytail. • Make several sections and make large curls on them. • Do not let the curls loose. Keep them looped and pin them strategically on the side of the head. • Finish the look by applying hairspray on your up do to keep it in place. This is truly a sexy, sensual and effeminate look, with a solid, tight pony on top, with large, luxurious curls all around. This look is perfect for a strong, particular woman, with style and chic to spare. This up do is sure to make you the talk of the town, with its exquisite lines, ease of wearing and ultimately, the opportunity this style provides any woman who wears it, to make others jealous, and want to know who she is.

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