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This sleek up do is perfect for your night parties or formal events. This look can help exude your uniqueness as well as intricacy. This up do shows a nested up do on the top of the head with sharply cut bangs and evenly cut shoulder length hair. Here is how you do it on your locks. • Have your tresses cut on a shoulder length level. Request for it to be cut evenly at the bottom. • Have your bangs cut evenly as well. • Using a straightening iron, straighten out the hair and the bangs. • Section by separating the top layer so it can be styled in a nested bun. • Make several small sections on the top layer and create curls and coils. • Fix them in a nested way on the top part. Ask for assistance on this part if you are having trouble. • Finish the style by sweeping some of the bangs on one side. With a soft, framing look, the top is twirled, swirled and twisted into a stunning, beautiful nest, which is eye-catching and a superb conversation starter. You can make this look soft or hard, depending on your makeup and accessories, making it an ideal opportunity for parties, black tie events, a day at the office and more.

Shireen - 17/02/2013 13:48:50
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