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Is your hair currently all one length? If you are looking to change up your style without doing anything too drastic, this style could be the answer. In this look, the hair is primarily one length (shoulder-blade length or more) while the bangs or fringe is cut to fall across the face to around cheekbone level. A great style for those with a fuller face you want to wear a lengthier style while creating angles to soft the lines of the face. If you love to play with your bangs, then this peek-a-boo look is a must-try. This look features lengthy bangs on flowing and sexy hair that is blow dried and brushed to look wispy. This is not very difficult to replicate. Here is how you can recreate it: • Cut in a one length style. Cutting it up to the shoulder length or more will do the trick. Have some lengthy bangs cropped as well. • Make a rough side parting. • Blow dry and brush it roughly to make it look wispy. • Let the lengthy bangs curtain the other eye to reveal a peek-a-boo look. • Optionally, you can also have some highlights.

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