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Wear a pastel pink hair with razor cuts and you will surely grab the attention of many people. The pink hair in razor cut hair with bangs presents razor cut layered hair, which is colored in pink. It also flaunts wispy bangs on the forehead. This may take up some time at first, but with enough practice you will be able to perfect it. • Crop in razor cut layers. • Cut the bangs in a wispy way. • Color in pastel pink color and optionally add some darker hues on the longer strands. • Blow dry and brush so it may straighten. This will also allow the layers to be show. Do this on the bangs as well. • Finish the look, by shuffling on top using your hand. Choosing an unconventional color for your hair doesn't have to mean channeling the singer Pink. You can add daring color in a subtle way, as seen here.

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