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Another great look for women with flowing locks! This is all about looking soft and sexy. Think of this as more wearable version of something you'd see on a Victoria Secret model. Channel your inner vixen with this style, which falls in soft layers to the middle of the back. Soft, peek- a-book bangs fall across the face in this look. Looking for another sexy look to try? Then, the Victoria's secret style for every woman may be the answer you are looking for. This sports soft curls on the tips making you look extra sexy. The slightly tousled look adds more allure to the finished look. Here is how you can replicate this image. • Cut the hair in layers with the shortest length just a little below the shoulder level. Crop full bangs as well. • Blow dry the hair and comb it using a brush to give it volume. • Rake using your fingers to give it the semi-tousled look. • Section by section, make soft curls at the bottom of the hair and let them fall normally over the back and shoulders.

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