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Choppy layers, curled bangs, and windswept look. This is the way to describe the choppy layered hair with curled bangs. This focuses on the rough texture produced by the choppy layers and the curviness of the bangs. This is very simple to replicate. • Have the hair cut in choppy layers. • Crop some lengthy bangs. • Brush the bangs so that it completely covers the forehead yet the tips are swept to the side to display your eyes. • Apply some wax. • To finish the look, scrunch it a little to display the layers and make it look messed up. For an icy-cool look that is bound to make an impact, choose a cool shade of platinum blonde for your look. Do so under the advice of your stylist, however. This is not a job for an at-home dyeing session, as bleaching your hair can be very tricky, not to mention dangerous, if not done properly.

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