The tousled backcombing effect on straight hair is one you want to try if you want to lean on a modern and unique look. This displays a tousled backcombed hair and some long straight locks. The bangs are also styled in such a way that they are brushed up. This is fairly easy to achieve. Here is how you do it: • Section and cut the top layer a little short. Leave the rest as is. • Add in some bangs if you do not have any. • Start styling by backcombing the top part. Tease it if you may to give it height and volume. • Straighten out the rest using a straightening iron. • Finish the look by roughly brushing the bangs up on one side. This is an example of how effective back combing can add height to an otherwise fairly low-key hairstyle. Don't go crazy with your back combing (or "teasing") as it can make your style start to look dated.

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