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This is a cut above the rest. The graduated cut with curls and straight locks features a graduated bangs extending on the sides. It also sports a combination of curly and straight hair on the rest of the locks. This is easy as all the work is made when cutting. Here is how you can do it, too: • Have the hair cut in a graduated way. • Cut the rest in layers. • Use a straightening iron and straighten out the hair and bangs. • Section so that there is a top layer and a bottom layer. • To finish the look, curl the top layer and retain the straightness of the bottom layer. This daring choice features super-short bangs that taper down into graduated layers around the face. The layers are not meant to be soft and billowy in this cut; they are straight as a whip around the face and then softer toward the shoulders. This look is a great choice if you want to have a fringe but don't want the bangs to overpower your face.

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