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Want to do some retro styling? Well, why not?! Here is one retro look you can try. The curled bangs and hair fixed in a retro style is another way to fix your hair. Now, you can strut the look whenever you wish, here is how you can do it: • Crop some lengthy bangs. • Section by making a central parting. • Using a straightening iron, straighten out first. • Apply serum for shine and luster. • Using curling wand, make some loose ringlets on the lower third. • Finish the look by curling the bottom of the bangs inward to make it look rounded and fluffy. If you're the kind of girl who likes cherry-red lips and who longs to be a Vargas girl, this could be your signature style. Shorter, straight bangs are curled under to give fullness and definition while the rest of the hair is softly curled. This style definitely harkens back to a different era.

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