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Do you want to sport a combination of straight hair and waves? Then, this is a must try. The smooth and wavy all at once is a nice mix of a straight and wavy hair. This will exude both the bubbliness of waves and the nice elegance of straight hair. The good thing about this is how easy you can replicate it. Here is how you do it: • Section by making a central or side parting – whichever suits you. • Using a straightening iron, straighten out half of the hair. • Using a crimper or a curling wand, make soft waves on the other half of the hair. • Apply shine to make the straight hair shine while the wavy part gets to be more defined. To achieve this look, braid hair in several small braids beginning at the nape of the neck, preferably when the hair is wet and has been sprayed with a styling spray designed to hold in the waves once the hair dries. Leave the braids in for several hours or overnight (until the hair dries). Remove the brads and gently finger style the hair.

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