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This is a contrast of very straight full bangs with the curly flicks of the rest of the hair. The evenly cut full bangs with hair flicks features full bangs that are very straight and that goes past the eyebrows. The rest of the hair is also flicked on all ends. This is not very complicated to imitate. Here is how you can attain the look: • Cut some layers so you can easily style the flicks later. • Crop full, thick, and even bangs. • Using a straightening iron, straighten out the bangs and let it curtain the forehead. • Using a curling wand, create the flicks at the tips of the hair. • Finish the look, by bringing some locks over the shoulders. Do you love the severe look of straight-as-an-arrow bangs but also long to have wavy layers? This style offers the best of both worlds. The fringe is perfectly straight, right to the the eyebrows while the rest of the hair is loose and wavy. Whether your hair is stick straight or whether it has some wave to it, you can achieve this look with the right cut and styling products. When worn in a pony tail, this look becomes ultra edgy as the bangs provide a graphic frame for the face.

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