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The soft and wispy look with bouncy bangs is simple yet good-looking to try if you have long or medium length hair. It features thinly layered hair with bouncy looking bangs that helps in softening an angular shaped face. This can be replicated by following these instructions: • Cut in thin wispy layers. • Crop some layered bangs as well. • Use a blow dry and brush to straighten out a bit and give the top layers some volume. • Finish the look by side sweeping the bangs totally on one side. • Apply shine as needed. The layers around the face, which range from brow-length bangs to a layer that is just beyond the earlobe serve to break up the lines of a rectangular face to create a softer, more flattering look. Height is achieved through the crown by layering and back combing. This style works very well on hair lengths anywhere from collarbone to mid back or longer, making it a great choice for many women.

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