If you think that glamorous hairstyles only come from sleekly fixed hair, then you are sadly wrong as this proves otherwise it features a look that is similar to a fresh-out-of-the-shower style. This is not very difficult to recreate, here is how you do it: • Apply some wax. • Use small rollers and quickly set the to curl. • Remove the rollers immediately and apply a little more wax. • Scrunch the hair using your hands to make it look like the general look appears like a fresh-out-of-the-shower look. • Finish the look by raking the hair on top of the head backwards to enhance the style. Picture your hair when you get out of the shower. Does it fall in loose waves? If you love that look but struggle to keep those waves in place once your hair has dried, this is the look for you. This straightforward look features an all over length and no fringe, accented by subtle waves that will stay in place all day with the right use of products. Because the hair is mostly one length, there is virtually no end to the ways you can change up this style.

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