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This style for wavy or curly hair is one that you can do if you have a wavy or curly hair. This features textured curls all over the hair. Styling this is fairly simple and quick. Here is how you can do it: • Section the hair by side parting it. • Apply setting lotion • Use small or medium sized rollers and leave to set. • Once the curls are set, remove the rollers and gently shuffle the curls to make the style look thick and volumized. • Finish the look by roughly side sweeping the bangs to one side. Just when you thought so many designs were geared toward those who either already have straight hair or those who are willing to spend hours straightening out their curls and waves, here is a stunning style that is tailor-made for those who have some wave or even curl to their hair. A classic shape, this style features slightly side-moving bangs and multiple layers all over. The result is a textured look that can be pulled back, worn up, or simply left to shine in all its layered glory.

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