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This whispers sexy with its soft tousled curls. The tousled curls with side parted hair and bangs features a roughly side parted hair and bangs. It also displays some tousled loose curls on the lower half of the hair. This may be achieved by: • Roughly part the hair to the side. • Apply hair serum to have a more lustrous output. • Using a blow dryer and a brush, roughly brush the hair to attain some volume and tousles. • Section by section, make some curls on the hair. Use a curling wand to accomplish this. • Manually separate the curls to make them look loose and wispy. • Finish the look by gently ruffling the hair. This easy-to-wear style is great for the young woman who likes to flirt and have fun. This style isn't about smooth or sleek; it's all about the texture and easy weightlessness of the cut. Best suited to those with a slight wave to the hair.

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