Combine deep side parting, long bangs, and softly waved hair and you get this lovely look. This hairdo is a great way to display your beautiful eyes. To recreate this, follow these steps: • Section by making a deep side parting. Include the long bangs as well. • Blow dry the hair to make smooth and shiny. • Use a straightening iron to straighten out the bangs. Sweep them a little behind the hair on the sides of the face. • Use large rollers to make soft waves on the hair. Remove the rollers when the waves are set. • Bring the waves over the shoulders to finish the look. This is a great choice for those with straight hair who typically like to wear their hair down. The side bangs are great for accentuating a narrow face. Those who have a wider face or a round face may want to opt for another style, as this style will add width and will draw the eye toward the widest part of the face.

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