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Hairstyles like the soft waves on lengthy layers and subtle highlights hairdo are not only donned by prom and homecoming queens. This may also be worn by women with lengthy layers on long hair. This features some soft waves, lengthy layers and subtle highlights on a side parting. This may take a little time styling, but it is definitely doable, here is how: • Cut the hair in lengthy layers. • Section the hair by doing a side parting. Include your long bangs if you have any. • Using a curling wand, curl the lower half of the hair into soft waves. • Apply subtle highlights as needed. Layers, soft waves and subtle highlights make this a great cut for those with thinner hair. The cut and the highlights add texture and volume to hair that otherwise may fall a little flat. This is also a great choice for those with thicker hair, too, however, because the layering can remove bulk from hair that can be heavy.

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