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The alternating hair color on shoulder length hair with bangs shows how bold you can go. Not only does it sport two colors on the hair, but it also has the fiery red color that makes you even bolder. This generally features striped colored red and black hair with full bangs and flicked hair tips. • Section the hair by parting it centrally. • Color the hair in an alternating manner such as black bands, red bands, black bands, and so on. Form the crown area to the back; you can have it fully colored in red. Apply some alternating vertical bands on the bangs as well. • Blow dry the hair and brush it to create volume. • Ensure that the tips of the hair are flicked while you are brushing and blow drying the hair. • Finish the look by bobbing the bangs as well and allow them to curtain the forehead. The magic of this hairstyle isn't in the cut itself. It's in the bold choice of color. The style itself features a standard fringe and a softly layered, shoulder length cut that gently frames the face. The layering and the cut are accentuated by the bold blocks of contrasting colors.

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