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The soft flirty layers with fluffed bangs is another throwback look that you can add on your list. This is an altered version of a 1960s cut. This hairstyle sports fluffed full bangs with soft and flirty layers cut in varied lengths. This can be easily attained by: • Cut the hair in layers with varying lengths. • Crop bangs. • Using a blow dryer and a brush, style the hair by creating soft flirty layers. • Brush the bangs as well to make it look fluffy. • Finish the look by shuffling the hair and bringing it to hang over the shoulders. There is something sort of reminiscent of the 1960s in this cut. This hairstyle is fun and flirty, pairing both a full bang with many soft, flirty layers of various lengths. This versatile style can be dressed up for evening and tamed down for the 9 to 5 hours in just a few minutes with the addition of different products and styling techniques. This style does double-duty!

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