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Who says extremely lengthy hair is boring? You can actually use this hair to be creative and sexy at the same time. Take the sexy extremely lengthy hair with a blue streak for instance. This features a layered hair on top and straight setions on the sides and back with blue streaks. This is very easy to recreate, here is how to do it: • Section the hair by side parting it. • Have the hair cut in layers on the top area, right around the jaw line. • Then, these layers are temporarily separated from the rest of the hair. The rest of the hair is straightened out using a straightening iron. • The style is finished off by adding a blue streak on the side. • Alternatively, if you have shorter hair, extensions may help. If you only want a temporary streak, use a colored extension. Sexy. Sexy. Sexy. Those are the only three words that can describe this very long look. This style can be said to have a split personality! The top is layered to fall softly around the face while the back and sides are very straight and ultra long. If you have shorter (collar-length) hair, this look cab be achieved by adding in straight hair extensions to give you the length. For added drama, add in a couple of brightly colored hair extensions (see photo for inspiration).

bobi - 30/01/2013 06:39:53
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Very Abbaesque! luv it
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