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These long side swept bangs with loose crimps and ringlets is a lovely take on a princess-like look. This features loose crimps and ringlets together with long side swept bangs. It looks really stunning and creative yet very simple to follow and recreate. • Section the hair by making an extreme side parting. Include the bangs as well to make it look like it was swept to the side. • Section by section, make loose crimps and ringlets on the hair using a curling wand. • Straighten out the bangs using a straightening iron. • Finish the look by applying shine on the bangs to emphasize how straight and shiny it is. Remember those days when you begged your mother for a crimping iron? You proceeded to crimp your hair all over - except the bangs. This is an updated, stylish interpretation of that trend. In this style, the hair is curled away from the face in sections, to form soft curls. The ends are left straight, to add an edgy element to the look. The bangs are left ultra smooth and slick, swept to the side and smoothed into place with product.

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