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Not all hairstyles need some bangs to look girly and elegant. You can also try the soft layered look with flicks at the tips that features no bangs, but with soft layers. This can be replicated by following these steps: • Section the hair by parting it on the side. • Use a blow dryer and a round brush to give some volume to the hair. • While you are at it, you can also give the hair some soft hair flips at the tips. Alternatively, you can also use a curling wand to create the same flicks. • Finish the look by bringing the hair over the shoulder. Another hairstyle that features no fringe but soft layers. Shorter than some of the other styles featured on this site, this hairstyle is great for those who want to keep their hair on the lengthier side without the work of a super-long style. The hair is softly flipped out at the ends, making it a great option for those with straighter hair. This style is great for those with a narrower face shape because the shorter layers around the face add some width and angles where a narrow face needs it the most.

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