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Formal occasions do not necessarily needa tightly fixed bun to complete your look. You can also sport loose hair with curls at the bottom to radiate some elegance and femininity. Here is how you can recreate this look. • Section by parting in the middle. • Blow dry and brush at the same time to create some volume. • Create barrel like curls at the bottom by using a curling wand. • Finish the look by keeping the hair off the face. Tuck it behind the ears as needed. Allow some hair to rest over the shoulder and the other part hanging over the back. Dressy without being fussy, these softly undulating curls add a romantic element to your overall look. Hair is kept off the faces and parted either down the middle or on one side. These big curls can be achieved through the use of rollers or a large-barrel curling wand. A style that is both elegant and simple.

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