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Taking off years from your age is possible with the full and heavy bangs with curls. This features bubbly full bangs and curls. This can be easily achieved by following these steps: • Crop some long bangs. • Using a blow dryer and round brush, style to create a little volume and thickness. • Section and create curls and loose waves. • Allow the bangs to fully cover the forehead and flip the tips of the bangs to the side so they may not cover the eyes. A heavy fringe can take years off of a look, giving the wearer a more youthful appearance. This look is great on a woman with a rounder face, as the fringe helps to create a horizontal line that takes the roundness away from the face and creates angles. The fringe gives a finished look even when the rest is pulled back away from the face, such as in a pony tail, for a more casual look.

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