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Do you want to look sexy and charming with your tresses? Then, the bubble top bangs with choppy layers on flowing tresses is the look that you may want. This features some choppy layers with bubble top bangs fixed right above the forehead. This is also fairly easy to recreate. • Have the hair cut in choppy layers. Have some lengthy bangs cropped as well. • Using a straightening iron, straighten out the hair and let it drape over the shoulders. • Apply serum for luster and smoothness. • As for the bangs, fix it right above the forehead in a bubble top style and secure it with bobby pins to keep it in place. Sleek and straight is the name of the game with this style. This style is all about layers and a dramatically straight style. Hair is taken back at the crown and pinned in place, while the rest of the hair falls to chest level. A similar look can be achieve with wavy hair or hair that has been straightened. Straightening hair products will help to achieve this sleek look.

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