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Sometimes one look is not enough and you may want to experiment on using two contrasting ones. With the partially tied up hair with side parting and lengthy bangs, that is possible! You will be able to combine a partially tied up with some loosely hanging – and the result is just stunning. Here is how you can achieve this look: • Section by parting it on the side. • Blow dry to make it look a little fluffed and curvy at the bottom. • Pull one side of the lengthy bangs to drape over the side of the face. • Tie up the upper layer of the hair and secure it with a decorative clip or bobby pins at the back. • Optionally, highlights may also be applied. If you are having difficulty deciding whether to wear your hair up or down for a particular occasion, why choose at all? With this elegant style, you can have it both ways. Part of the hair, at the sides and crown, is taken back and secured with pins or a decorative clip. The rest is left down to fall to the shoulders. The shorter layers around the face are partially taken back and partially left to fall around the face.

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