Updo Bun Hairstyles. Updo bun hairstyles can be a great style during the summer, when you want to look great and stay cool. Buns have often been associated with both casual wear around the house and formal events, but are great for everyday wear as well. There are many different types of buns that you can wear in your updo, and each can provide a different look. Top Bun Updos. The top bun updo generally consists of a traditional bun that is worn tightly and centered on top of the head instead of behind it. These are great for formal situations and have a sophisticated look that is easy to maintain and keeps the hair maintained. Double Bun Updos. Double bun styles have become less popular as of late, but are still a great style for both casual and formal settings. Double buns usually consist of two smaller buns, worn on either side of the head rather than behind the head. These are a great way to secure your hair in an updo without sacrificing femininity. Ponytail Bun Updos Ponytail buns are fast, simple, and are mostly worn during casual situations. Start by securing the hair into a traditional ponytail, then gather the hair close to the scalp and secure the end of the hair through the band to create a loose, hanging ponytail bun on the back of your head. Ponytail buns look great, are easy to make, and can be worn out on the town or around the house. Updo bun hairstyles have always been popular and are great for both around the home and during formal events. Whether you are going out to get the mail or heading to prom, depending on the style, buns can provide both casual and sophisticated looks that are beautiful.