Are you looking for a formal hairstyle for an upcoming event? Updo hairstyles have always been associated with formal events, and although they have become increasingly popular in casual wear, that does not mean that they have become any less common in a formal setting. When deciding on an updo, there are a lot of different styles that you could potentially go with. Try to find a style that matches your personality and looks great with your hair. A few things you should look at when considering which style to go with include; Updos With Bangs. Although many styles do not incorporate bangs, they can be a great way to cover up a bit of your face, as well as to help cover up some blemishes and spots on the forehead. Some styles incorporate slanted bangs, which slant across the forehead, while others use more traditional bangs that hang straight down. Experiment with different styles to see which bangs look great with your particular updo. Half Updos. Half updos have become very popular as of late, both around the home and out at formal events. These usually have a portion of hair, usually on top of the head, that is pinned back in a headband style, while the rest of the hair hangs and flows freely below it. The hanging hair can then be curled and styled to match your look. Half updos look great when worn with jeans or a beautiful gown, which might be one of the leading reasons why it has become increasingly popular in the last few years.