To obtain the sharp straight hair styles that can be seen on this webpage you must learn to look after your hair impeccably so that no signs of damaged or dry hair are present. Here are a few tips that a lot of women have found very useful in the past and present!

Consider using a leave-in conditioner or detangler. If your hair is curly or thick, these leave-in styling products can keep it soft and manageable. Invest in a top quality brush with natural bristles and wide toothed comb to detangle your tresses. Comb through wet hair from roots to tips, making sure the ends are completely tangle free without pulling on the ends to make them so.

Dirty brushes make dirty hair. Be sure to remove hair that gets stuck in your brush or comb every day. Then wash and dry your brushes and combs once a week. To clean brushes and combs, soak in warm water and shampoo for 5 minutes, rinse, and let dry on a towel overnight.

Make every attempt to let your mane dry naturally, but if you must use a blow dryer, keep it on a cool setting and avoid pulling while you dry. Choose accessories wisely-not all of them are suitable for women with flowing tresses. Avoid elastic bands and opt for soft cloth 'scrunchies' instead. Use styling combs and bands with strong teeth, as week ones will break off. Experiment with updos, braids, and other looks that suit you, but be sure you don't tug, pull, or wrangle in any way that can cause damage.

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