Homecoming is a big night in the lives of almost any teenager. Many teens will later call homecoming their first date, so it is important that time and effort goes into it to make it a special night. For teenage girls, the way that they are going to wear their hair at homecoming is an important decision and should help to make them feel confident and have a wonderful night. Elegant Updos. Homecoming is the perfect time to put the time into crafting an elegant style. Depending on your hair, there are a lot of things that you can do including twisting, weaving, and patterning to make you stand out from the crowd. There are many updo style guides that can help you to create the perfect elegant hairstyle from home and still have it turn out great! Half Up, Half Down Updos. Half up, half down hairstyles have become quite popular. This usually entails pinning the hair partially up, while letting a good portion of it fall free. Then, with the sections that are not pinned up, you can do various things such as curling and layering. These are fairly easy to put together, can be easily maintained throughout the night (last through lots of dancing) and look great from beginning to end. Messy updos, although are not often considered for formal occasions, would still be a great, less formal choice for homecoming dances. You can messily pin your hair on top of your head, and then you do not have to worry about it moving out of place throughout the night, and even if it does, that is your intended look! The most important thing is to make sure that whatever hairstyle you decide to go with, makes you confident. Find a look that is going to match your gown and adds a glow to your overall presentation.
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@Analee - Noted we'll look into it. Thank you for your input.
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I particularly like the side part and faux bangs on this fishtail braid