Updos have always been associated with formal events. Throughout history in Western culture, it has been customary for women to put their hair up when they are attending a formal event. However, recently it has become more common for women to wear their hair up in many non-formal situations, such as around the house or out while running errands. Updo's have become increasingly popular for a number of different reasons. It has been seen increasingly in fashion as well as in Hollywood, which has helped to propel it. Formal events are the most common place for seeing elegant updo's. Since a lot of different things can be done with hair that is worn up, you can see some very intricate styles that require a lot of time and effort to create. There are many different formal styles that you can wear for any length of hair. Formal events are always an appropriate place to wear an updo style. Informal Wear. Wearing updo's informally has become very popular. There are several different common styles include the classic bun, variations of the bun such as the ponytail bun, and other styles that are more wild and free-flowing. One popular style is the messy curly updo, which you can create by curling your hair, and then putting it up on top of, or behind your head. This provides an informal look that still looks great and is flexible to wear in many different settings. The hairstyle that you choose should compliment your look. Take your outfit into account when you are deciding on a look and try to find something that represents your personality well as well.
dawn - 25/02/2013 11:28:13
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I really like this style, very elegant.