The styles in the images on this webpage are very full and healthy which leads us onto how to maintain hair whether it's thick or fine. Let's take a look at how we can assist our hair to make it shine healthily and naturally.

How thick or fine your hair is depends on heredity. Thick or fine hair can still grow healthily but its length will also depend on what genes you have. Some women have genes for really fast growing hair and others can only grow hair to their shoulders. It's been seen where some women with fine hair that is down to their knees too. Most women can grow their hair to about the middle of their back before it starts to get wispy and thin looking.

How often you trim your hair is another choice. You don't have to trim at all if it's healthy. The only purpose of trims is to keep it shorter and thicker looking and to get rid of split ends if you are prone to them. If you do not have split ends and want lengthy hair you do not have to trim your hair. Remember, salons are in business to keep you coming back and most will tell you that your hair needs a trim every four to six week to grow which isn't true. Hair is dead and the grow rate has nothing to do with the bottom ends. However, split ends should be trimmed off because they cannot mend with even the best of products and will make your hair look frizzy.