Too often is it seen where people want to grow their hair and they get half way to the finish line and then get it cut off. It is true that your hair can go through many stages whilst growing, and it may seem difficult to maintain whilst in the growth process, but in actuality it isn't too hard to take care of at all. You can grow yourself some luscious amazing locks if you take the time to get it right and don't let the stages put you off. The truth is a lot of people get annoyed about the way they look whilst their hair is growing, but you can actually style it out as it grows until it reaches your desired length. In the images displayed on this page you can see some of the overall styles you'll be able to have once your hair has grown, always remember why you're growing it, these images will help with motivation!

Of course it's definitely not maintenance free but if you use the right tips, you can have strong and healthy locks before you know it! (And with minimal effort).

Never use elastic bands to secure unless they have fabric covering them.

Stay away from heat styling products and avoid washing in too hot of water. (Lukewarm with a cool rinse is best).

Avoid chemical products and permanents. Perms may look nice but always have negative effects on the health of our strands. (Not only is there "permanent" waves, there may permanent damage).

If you take advantage of these do's and don'ts displayed in this article you will be able to grow the most fine and perfect locks, and everyone will be jealous of your new style. Growth doesn't have to take forever just take care of your locks and maintain them well whilst waiting for the overall appearance you wish to achieve. You must allow your hair to go through the various stages of growth and take care of it during the stages, then it will be at the final stage before you know it and in pristine condition.

Mia - 05/07/2013 11:35:19
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