Straight long layered hair is often fine and thin. This may surprise you, as everyone has seen those girls with manes of cascading, dead straight locks that look so thick you could knit blankets from them. Well, those girls just happen to have a lot of strands of fine layered hair, the result of which is that although straight hair looks fantastic in straight layered styles or in short crops, if you want hair with body and bounce it's going to take some work to make those fine thin strands stand up and dance. Straight hair is desirable by many, many people from all over and it's not surprise looking at the images on this page, the hair looks amazing and the styles are unliminted.

This is particularly true if you are one of those Swedish blondes, as blonde hair is generally thinner than brunette or black hair (particularly that of Asians and Indians). This means the style that many of us see as the epitome of hair beauty - you know, that Goldilocks look - is probably the hardest to care for. Also because straight strands sit close to the head they often becomes greasy quickly at the roots and the fine strands absorb this rapidly, meaning you probably have to wash every day. By looking at the images on this site you will be able to see exactly what straight designs will suit you no matter what type of hair you have, you will be able to use products and devices to get the look you desire in a healthy manner.

kerry - 22/02/2013 14:12:20
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looks creative
Tiffy :) - 01/03/2013 07:47:06
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That's gorgeous!