A casual design is unstructured, free-flowing and easy-going with bangs. It's the kind of design you'd wear to the mall, a walk in the park, or perhaps if you were heading over to your friend's house for some takeout and a movie. It may be daring, or plain and simple in design or with bangs. Casual hairstyles with bangs are designed and generated with a low fuss factor in mind. Variations include precision cuts, razor Cuts and various layering techniques that allow the hair to fall into its own natural shape and form.

Casual designs are very versatile. You can wear your casual hair up (so it looks shorter), wear it half up and half down, or even try some braids or bangs. In fact there are many, many ways that you can wear a straight casual style out and about with friends or family to numerous occasions. If you are unsure on which is right for you, you can take a glance at the various images listed on this webpage and get some classic ideas for your look. All you'll need to do is visit your salon with these images to let them know what kind of look you are aiming for and they will do the rest. You can ask them about the best ways to care for your hair and how to maintain its fresh cut look for the greatest period of time. These questions are hard to get answers to outside of salon, so it's a great idea to ask them whilst you're there.

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