Are you the business chick and adventurer type kind of gal? Then, this look will suit you well. The business chick by day boy pixie adventure by night look can offer you with so much flexibility that your night transformation would be so magical, it is pixie-like. This can be done by: • Cut even full bangs that will drape over the forehead. • Crop the hair in some layers where the shortest is about jaw line in level. This will serve to hug the face when the style is done. • Use a straightening iron and straighten out the bangs. Apply hair shine as needed. • Using a curling wand, make some curls on the rest of the hair. Start curling from ear level going down. • Wear the hair up when in the school or office and wear it down proudly if you need to go out. During the day, gather these loose curls when you're wearing that office power suit or dress combo, and then let them go after hours - with these bangs they will accentuate an oval face with large eyes for a magical pixie effect. You will be the toast of the town with a throat hugging mini!

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