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These loose and classy curls bring about a warm and sun shiny feeling to anyone who sees it. The loose curls for the warm and sunny days’ design demonstrates how loose and large curls can suit the cold weather since it brings warmth as well as matches any sweater quite well. This can be easily recreated by: • Crop some bangs and sweep them to the side. • Section the hair by parting it in the extreme side. • Apply setting cream on the hair to prepare it for loose curling. • Use large rollers and wound sections of the hair on them. • Remove the rollers once the curls are set. • Finish the look by donning the loose curls over the shoulders. These classy, large loose curls look great with that sweater - it's time for a hot cup of cocoa in front of a big fire after a tough day spent on the slopes, with sassy, playful bangs. Twirl your hair in your fingers, and think about what the night will bring - this look says summer, and the heat is here to stay!

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