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This doll-like design can you help you look irresistible. This look presents layers with soft waves and curls. The full bangs that curtain the forehead add more doll-ness in you. This can be easily replicated with your locks. • Crop the hair in layers. Add in some bangs with lengths reaching exactly above the eyebrow. • Section the hair by doing a central parting. • Use a blow dryer and a brush to make the hair look shiny and bouncy. • Use a curling wand to make soft waves and gentle curls on the hair. • Finish the look by giving your waves and curls a gentle toss as well as fixing the bangs to curtain the forehead. No one will know how much time you spent on this deceptively simple style - they'll just know they can't take their eyes off it. Note the soft layers, and the way the bangs obscure the forehead; this cut will take years off and imply a carefree, joyful attitude that will last as long as these soft waves.

Agatha - 18/08/2013 06:56:15
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