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Let small defined and wispy curls give you that sassy and brassy appeal. The sassy and brassy in small defined wispy curls hairstyle can offer this to you. This hairstyle is fitting for an active lifestyle whether it be parties or other activities. This look can be attained by: • Section the hair by making a parting to the side. • Apply setting cream. • Wound section after section of hair on small rollers and wait for it to set. • Once the curls are set, remove the curlers. • Finish the look by giving the hair a gentle toss to add volume as well as separate some curls. These tangled tight curls get right to the point - it's time to party, and she is the life of that party. Whether in casual clothes or a slinky evening dress, this do draws attention to the face, while highlighting and accentuating her best features - its sure to be a hit!

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