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For some, extremely long hair may be difficult to live with. Others think that it may have very limited looks. That is not true however, one of the many styles you can do with extremely long locks is the innocence not quite lost on this very long curly hair style. This hairstyle offers a youthful appearance while still not losing the poise and elegance. This hairstyle may be achieved with these easy to follow steps: • Section the hair by doing a side parting. • Using a blow dryer and round brush, style the hair to create a little volume. • Apply hair shine on the hair as needed. • Finish the look by curling the bottom of the hair using a curling wand. These sweet waves are part girl next door, until the right dress is worn - then its girl on the silver screen. Which will you be tonight? With a ponytail and ball cap you could almost pass for a tomboy; but put on that red dress, and all bets are off.

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