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These unique pointy and spread out curls give the look a new definition from the old description that curls add volume. This design offers many textures and styles such as pointy flyaway tips and some thin, spread out, wispy curls on other tips. This may look complex, but it is quite doable. This hairstyle may be attained by doing the following: • Crop some layers on the hair with the shortest just an inch above the jaw line. The shortest layers will serve as the bangs. • Section the hair by doing an extreme side parting. Include the bangs as well. • Using a round brush and a blow dryer, brush the hair to make the hair more smooth and lustrous. Make sure that the tips of the short layers are flicked away. • Apply hair shine on the hair as needed. • As for the tips of the longer layers, use a curling wand to make thin wispy curls. • Finish the look by resting the hair over the shoulders. There is nothing subtle about this look -it is pure heat, and should be used with caution like all hot sauces. The way the hair drapes over chest and shoulders begs for an off the shoulder decollage - and that's what the look says - unsubtle, unsweet and pure hot energy.

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