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This sweet look is easy to do so that you can try it on your medium to long length locks, it radiates the innocence of youth and may even look bubbly and carefree with the right outfit. This hairstyle may be attained with these easy to follow steps: • Section the hair by parting it on the side. • Apply some hair cream on the hair. • Make several sections on the hair to prepare for curling. • Using curling tongs, take one section at a time and create the curls. The curls should go from top to bottom, but do not curl it from the root. Leave two to three inches of uncurled hair on top. • Apply hair shine on the hair as needed to define the curls. • Finish the look by allowing the curls to naturally fall over the shoulder. Soft cascading wavy curls make this look - the hair is perfectly shaded for the light chestnut eyes and skin tone, and the soft autumn red of the pullover bring the blissful picture to a close that no one can deny - sublime perfection in form and function.

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