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Classy never easily goes out of style. This is proven correct by this style, which sports classic waves on medium length hair it exudes the sophistication of lady especially when paired with the right makeup and outfit. This hairdo is not very difficult to recreate. This hairstyle may be mimicked by doing the following: • Section the hair by making a side parting. • Blow dry and brush the hair to make it more fluffy and soft. • Section by section, wound some locks of hair on large rollers. Leave to set. • When the waves are set, remove the rollers gently and allow the waves to fall into place. Delilah must have looked like this to tempt Samson, and he knew he could not compete with her hair, so he had to cut his off - she probably did not even ask him, just looked at him with that knowing smile. The blue shadow highlights the blue eyes, and any man who lets her get away will be feeling more than a little blue.

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