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This is another one for women with flexible schedules it can be fittingly worn to work and it will not also let you down if you suddenly need to attend parties and events. This look is not very difficult to recreate it may be mimicked with these easy to follow steps: • Divide the hair by parting it a little on the side. • Apply some wax or hair cream on the hair. • Section into several locks to prepare for curling. • Using a curling wand, create curls on this long flowing mane. Make the curls go from top to bottom. • Apply shine as needed. • Finish by resting the hair over the shoulders. Note the clean, classic lines of the throat and collarbone - the v neck of the soft lavender blouse and the soft inverted V of the softly curled mane make the most of her angular face -the blue eye shade and soft red lips make the combination pop, snap and crackle.

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