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Sexy can also be described by looking sultry and smoky. This can be achieved by trying out this thickly curled locks. This look features thick and defined curls that produce weight and volume. This 'do is not very difficult to recreate. This may be recreated with these easy to follow steps: • Partition the hair by making an extreme parting to one side. • Apply some cream on your locks. • Rake using your fingers to create locks and textures. • Section by section, make waves and curls. • Manually, separate and toss the hair very gently to create a sexy messed up look. • Finish the look by allowing the curls to naturally fall over the shoulder. Get ready to dance the bolero - these tumbling waves of wavy, curly bliss beg to be tossed about, and the blue eyes and dress bring an extra sparkle to the diamonds of the earrings, which still fail to shine as brightly as the girl wearing them. It's all about fire and ice, and everything nice.

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