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Lovely aura is what you will get by trying these swept back, sweet and defined curls. This look can be suitable for daily donning and with a little effort on accessorizing it; it can also be worn on formal events. • Section the hair by doing a deep side parting. • Apply some wax or cream on your locks. • Use small rollers to create defined curls. Alternatively, you can also use a small curling iron to recreate the small defined curls. • Once all the curls are made, sweep back the from the point where you side parted it earlier. Pay attention to subtle makeup and the way her hair frames her angular face - the cheekbones are accentuated, and the look is one of classical beauty that cannot be denied; but who would want to? This do is made for dancing to the classics - a split skirt, dips and twirls are de rigueur and it is just as at home with a sundress and a tall cold glass of lemonade.

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