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Curls are always presentable on parties and events. This look depicts loose small curls on hair. This is very presentable and can be easily replicated. This may be replicated with these easy to follow steps: • Crop the hair in low layers. No bangs necessary. • Section using a side parting. • Apply some cream as needed. • Using a curling wand, make small loose curls. These loose curls will create the volume. • Manually separate the curls to make them appear looser. • Finish the style by spilling the curls on the front. There's nothing work like about this do, it's all about fun. With the dramatic eye shadow, light pink lips and a plunging neckline there is no doubt where this night is headed - it's going someplace special, and you had better work to earn it. This layered mass of curls might take a little effort, but what great thing doesn't?

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