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This can just go as adaptable as the chameleon is it can be worn neatly in a bun or ponytail while doing your daily activities and it can be let down when the party begins. • Section by parting it on the center. • Apply some shine. • Blow dry and brush to make soft and fluffy. • Using a curling wand, make loose curls and waves on the hair. • Finish the style by letting the curls to naturally fall over the shoulder if you need to let it down. Pulled back tight during the day, in business attire one might say, but once the bell rings at 5 oclock, fluff out the waves and let your hair rock - you can't go wrong with this do, and it will go with anything, from jeans and a simple blouse to tight black number that has just been waiting for the right night.

samiei - 12/03/2013 20:36:32
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Most beautiful.
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